All our teas are available in tea-bags, loose tea or bulk.

An exclusive blend of rooibos, vanilla, herbs and Iceland moss invites you to an extraordinary feast for the senses.

INGREDIENTS: Rooibos (45%), melissa, honeybush, angelica, Iceland moss, vanilla (1%).

Allow the gentle notes of chamomile, lavender and other carefully chosen owers, herbs and Iceland moss bring you relaxation and peace of mind.

INGREDIENTS: Melissa, chamomile (20%), mint, rose hip, cinnamon, laven- der (5%), Iceland moss, calendula, passion ower, vanilla.

The joining of lemongrass and fennel unleashes spectacular energy – especially when blended with natural herbs and Iceland moss – perfect preperation for a busy day.

INGREDIENTS: Meadowsweet, fennel (20%), mint, lemongrass (20%), Iceland moss, oranges.

Blueberries and hibiscus add a joyful touch to this special blend of sweet roses, natural herbs and Iceland moss, setting the mood for a cozy night in with friends.

INGREDIENTS: Melissa, rose hip, nettle, hibiscus (10%), aniseed, blueberries (5%), liquorice root, Iceland moss, vanilla.

Zesty green tea and swaying Hawaii Rose take over the dance oor along with carefully selected herbs and Iceland moss, inviting you to join the fun.

INGREDIENTS: Sencha (50%), Oolong, hibiscus (15%), rosehip, Iceland moss, Burgundy rose, bergamot.

The joining of the classic black tea leaf and angelica, native to the Westfjords of Iceland, elevates this blend’s noble rank. A prim and proper Earl Grey tea, decorated with a blend of specially selected herbs, angelica and Iceland moss.

INGREDIENTS: Earl grey (75%), angelica (20%), Iceland moss, bergamot.

When blazing into a fresh start,
this amazing blend of nettle, ginger, angelica and other specially chosen herbs, will make you feel better from the inside out. Boost up your energy levels and feel clean as a whistle.

INGREDIENTS: Nettle (30%), fennel seeds, cardamom seeds, dandelion root, eld horsetail, angelica, ginger (5%), green pepper, aniseeds and stars,
rose pepper.

When you are sliding under the weather, a great mixture of ginger and angelica from the Westfjords in Iceland can be your saviour.

INGREDIENTS: Echinea, angelica seeds (20%), honeybush, Sencha, ginger (10%), angelica leafs (5%), sage, rose pepper, oregano, liquorice root, thyme.